What our customers say


security-customers-2“From date of commencement of contract to the present, Momentum Support has enhanced the presentation of security personnel and the service itself. Security personnel have been supplied with a professional, sharp-looking uniform that promotes both approachability and confidence for our customers. An intense period of consultation and company ethos induction for the security staff from Momentum Support management has ensured for purpose and direction in service performance. Additionally, in the first month of contract the quality of radio communications and security analysis reporting has already been enhanced.”

“Momentum Support has committed to its training obligations, setting out a planned training schedule incorporating the essential courses required for the security personnel to up-skill in First Aid / Defibrillation, Customer Care, Manual Handling, Site Supervision, Fire Safety, and Site Operational Reporting.“

“I have no hesitation in recommending Momentum Support as a professional, effective, and competent provider of security services. Its ethos of building trust and openness in partnership with both Client and staff allows for a healthy relationship that brings with it the space and confidence needed to explore innovation and new work structures in order to sustain a service that is operationally effective and cost efficient.”


“The quality of service at these sites has noticeably been improved and enhanced, a feature that has been acknowledged by all respective site managers. Work structures, performance accountability through report and consultation, detection of security risks and breaches, and action response to Client request are just some of the features of service that have improved significantly.”

security-customers-3“An important aspect of this improvement is the willingness of Momentum Support to provide capable and sufficiently trained security personnel that can fulfill the expected security tasks that had already existed but, furthermore, have acquired new tasks and duties at these sites that have assisted our operational effort. This extra benefit to our company has provided an extra value for money element from the service provided.”

“The quality of management provided by Momentum Support ensures that our company is assured of a professional, well-informed, innovative, and competent provision of security services. We are confident that, with time, the objective both companies share will be achieved to full completion and to the highest standards.”


“Momentum Support has continually operated to a very high standard in an ever-changing and oftimes demanding environment. Its management has been proactive in its anticipation of our requirements throughout this period and particularly during the changeover of our healthcare services from the old to new premises. The quality of staff provided reflects our effort to enhance standards throughout our support services. We work very closely with the Momentum Support team on site, and get effective and immediate support from their head office. Momentum Support is quick to respond to any issues that arise and thus provide an excellent service to us in the hospital.”

Office and Commercial

security-customers-1“As expected we try to maximize value from our service providers. When Momentum Support commenced the contract our expectations were more than matched. Their senior management set out task specifications that went beyond the original security contract. Momentum Support now delivers more service than originally expected and does it better. Communications is very good, allowing Momentum Support to change their schedule to suit our timetable, which is sometimes very irregular. It’s a good partnership.”

“As the nature of our business has changed I needed to ensure that our image from Reception right through to my office gives a sense of professionalism and quiet efficiency. The company contracted Momentum Support for both our Receptionist and out-of-hours security services in the past two years. Their management was very focused on providing the right people for our premises. Receptionists are intelligent, assisting and caring of our customers, our night security is schedulled to meet our needs. Momentum Support focuses on what I want but also brings the value of its experience to my company. I expect this to continue as we expand into the future.”