Quality Policy

quality-policyIt is the policy of Momentum Support, to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing quality services. To maintain these quality requirements we will operate a quality system that will enable Momentum Support  to achieve and maintain recognition as a company of assessed quality capability under the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Momentum Support’s Quality Statement is implemented through the operation of a Quality Management System. The requirements of this system are mandatory for all company personnel and no unauthorised alterations or deviations are permitted.

Improved effectiveness of the Quality System is our key objective. We are committed to the achievement of high quality and to the concept of continual improvement.

Our employees shall receive the necessary education and training to enable them to understand, implement and maintain the company quality statement.

Full responsibility for the maintenance of the Quality System is delegated to the Integrated Systems Manager, who will determine its operational effectiveness by internal audits and review.


Each employee, in whatever capacity, has the responsibility to perform his/her duties to the highest standards in accordance with the systems and procedures in the Quality Manual and its reference documents.

Click to download quality-policy-statement-2020-ver-01

Click to download quality-policy-statement-2020-ver-01