The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) Carpark team has recently set up a ‘Go Beyond’ Partner Program which recognises excellent service from its key vendors and their staff working on behalf of DAA.

The first recipient of this award is Momentum Support’s Security Officer John Coffey, who has been working at DAA Carparks since June 2015. He received a €100 One-for-All Voucher from DAA, which was matched by Momentum Support.

John is on-site with the rest of his team to provide support to weary travellers searching for their cars after a long and sometimes arduous journey. Locating their car after their time away is one of the most common problems these travellers face, but sometimes they can find things have got worse, such as a dead battery, or flat tyre – the last thing you want to be dealing with at 2am in the morning after a flight.

John is available to help in these situations and has had multiple glowing emails sent to DAA for his excellent help and manner since he joined the team. Such as this from one happy customer:

“Tonight in the Red Carpark…I couldn’t find my car. After a few minutes of looking John from Security offered help and assisted us in an incredible way:

-He called to find out what zone were based on the time we parked

-Moreover, the key was out of battery so we had to manually find the car.

-He helped us open the car and showed us how to do it for future times.

John is absolutely amazing and has helped us go home quickly and with a smile. Incredible!!”

Manager Mark Conlan said this about John:

“John arrived around June 2015… He’s very diligent, very good work ethic, extremely punctual and always in control of what’s happening.”

John’s knowledge of the parking system means he’s indispensable to DAA – working out from when the customers parked their cars where they should be. In addition, he goes above and beyond helping the customers if they have additional problems.

Mark continued:

“What brought John to my attention when I started as manager of the Carpark were all the emails coming in from DAA and customers who had to tell somebody about the excellent care they had received…”

It’s thanks to these multiple  glowing emails and reports about John, that DAA awarded him the first ‘Go Beyond’ Partner Program Award. Momentum Support then matched the prize as a measure of their equal appreciation and support of Coffey.  

Congrats John!