Group photo of company representatives with Leo Varadkar

Momentum Support are proud to be one of the 14 founding member companies of Open Doors.

Open Doors is a cross sector initiative to promote greater inclusion, diversity in the workplace, training and employment opportunities for marginalised groups in Irish Society.

The Open Doors Initiative aims to provide opportunities to some of the marginalised members of our society that face higher barriers to employment than most do.

Today, people with disabilities are only half as likely to be in employment as others of working age. The youth unemployment rate tends to be double the general unemployment rate. And until recently, most refugees and asylum seekers were unable to access the labour market.

Alana Dunican (HR Director) meeting Leo Varadkar from #OpenDoorsLaunch

Alana Dunican (HR Director) meeting Leo Varadkar from #OpenDoorsLaunch

Together, as 14 Irish Employers, we want to address this and support people who face barriers into employment. The benefits will be two-fold – open up the labour market to some of those who have been unable to access it; and attract and retain our future workforces.

At the event were Momentum Support’s Trevor Carney, BITCI Ready for work,  Alana Dunican (HR Director), Sinead Grogan (Healthcare Manager) and Matthew Houlihan (Jobplus).

Pictured here is Leo Varadkar in attendance for the Open Doors official launch, alongside representatives from the 14 participating companies.

To learn more about the Open Doors Initiative, visit or follow the hashtag #OpenDoorsLaunch