26Aug 2016

Momentum Employees (L to R): Sinead Grogan, Con O’Brien, Sylvia O’Sullivan, Paula O’Connor, Andrew O’Brien, David Ferguson and Gary Comerford 

Momentum Support are extremely proud of their employees that took part in the Annual Liberties Fun Run for the GUIDe Clinic and St. James’ Hospital Foundation on the 21st of July. The timed 6 kilometre run through the old city featured 1,000 runners, including seven from the Momentum Support team – Gary Comerford, Con O’Brien, Andrew O’Brien, Paula O’Connor, Sylvia O’Sullivan, Sinead Grogan & David Ferguson.

While some had taken part in runs like this previously, it was the first time participating for Gary, Sinead, and Andrew. While there’s no real training involved for a run like this, it is still a big challenge for any non-runner, so it was a great achievement for all the new and previous runners involved.

The race was organised to raise funds and promote awareness for the foundation. The run is in its eighth year, and the route had runners starting on the picturesque grounds of the Royal Kilmainham Hospital, and passing through famous parts of the area, including St. James’ Gate, Francis Street, and the Coombe.

Proceeds for the run were donated to the GUIDe Clinic at St. James’ Hospital, which was established in 1987, providing the largest free treatment centre for HIV and sexual health in Ireland. On their website, the foundation thanked the 1,000 runners and organisers who gave their time and energy to supporting the wonderful cause.

To learn more about the St. James’ Hospital Foundation, the GUIDe Clinic, and future events, please visit www.supportstjames.ie.

28Jun 2016

In the picture from left to right, CQ Michael Duffy, Brig General Michael Beary (2BDE GOC), Vice Admiral Mark Mellet (Chief of staff), Dorota Kasperska, Harry O’Farrell, David Gibney, Sergeant Eamonn Woods, Corporal Graham Taylor at the the Kilmainham Gaol Execution Commemorating Ceremonies on the 3rd May 2016.

The President of Republic of Ireland and Dorota Kasperska at the ceremony for Opening of Military Archives in Cathal Brugha barracks on the 26th April 2016.

The President of Republic of Ireland and Dorota Kasperska at the ceremony for Opening of Military Archives in Cathal Brugha barracks on the 26th April 2016.

Momentum Support were on duty at the opening ceremony for the newly constructed and refurbished home of the Military Archives, on Tuesday the 26th April.

The senior most leaders of the Irish Defence Forces were joined in attendance by President Higgins and the First Lady, along with hundreds of guests who gathered at the Cathal Brugha Barracks in Rathmines, and Momentum was on hand to provide first class hospitality.

Both before and following the opening ceremonies Momentum Support accommodated the many visitors and dignitaries and the day was a huge success.

The archives in Dublin will hold records of the Defence Forces, the Department of Defence and the Army Pensions Board, and is one of the flagship programmes of the 1916 commemorations.

Following this came the commemoration ceremonies to mark the centenary of the executions of the leaders of the rising. The series of events, held in Kilmainham Gaol, began on the 3rd of May in remembrance of Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke and Thomas MacDonagh, the first three of fourteen leaders to be executed.

The First lady and Dorota Kasperska at the ceremony for Opening of Military Archives in Cathal Brugha barracks on the 26th April 2016.

The First lady and Dorota Kasperska at the ceremony for Opening of Military Archives in Cathal Brugha barracks on the 26th April 2016.

Momentum provided support and hospitality for the five remembrance ceremonies that took place in the Stonebreakers Yard, concluding on the 12th of May.

As well as the many hundreds of attendees and global media, also present were Descendants of the revolutionaries, members of Government, Heads of State, Church, The Irish Defence Forces, as well as President and First Lady Higgins.

From Left to Right, Brig. Gen. Michael Beary, Dorota Kasperska, Vice Admiral Mark Mellet during the ceremony for Opening of Military Archives in Cathal Brugha barracks on the 26th April 2016.

From Left to Right, Brig. Gen. Michael Beary, Dorota Kasperska, Vice Admiral Mark Mellet during the ceremony for Opening of Military Archives in Cathal Brugha barracks on the 26th April 2016.

30May 2016

In the picture from left to right, Site Manager Trevor Keith, Operations Support Manager Zach Corbett, Cleaning operative Joanne Robb & members of the Bombardier Charity Committee, who organised the event.

Momentum Support is delighted to announce its part in a Bombardier coffee morning fundraising event held for the Epilepsy Society charity ‘Go purple for Epilepsy’ on behalf of staff member, Joanne Robb, and her family.

The fundraiser was organised by the Charity Committee of Momentum’s client, Bombardier, at its Aerostructures and Services Facility in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland on March 25th with almost £1,000 raised for the charity.

Joanne Robb’s daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy in May 2015. Epilepsy is a neurological condition with a tendency to have recurring seizures starting in the brain and is usually only diagnosed after more than one seizure.

The Epilepsy Society has since been an invaluable source of information and support to Joanne and her family, helping them to stay positive through this difficult time.

Operations Support Manager, Zach Corbett, commended Joanne for setting an exceptional example within Momentum and encouraging others to raise money for a great cause: “We were delighted to be able to support Joanne in any way we could. Our site manager, Trevor Keith, and I also got the chance to demonstrate our cake presentation skills. We know that if we can do it, anyone can!”

Joanne Robb was overwhelmed with the support that she and the Epilepsy Society received at the event: “My family and I would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who supported the coffee morning. It was a team effort between Bombardier and Momentum Support, working together to make the event a success.”

Momentum Support would like to thank everyone involved in organising the coffee morning and raising funds for the Epilepsy Society.

07Apr 2016

Momentum Support are delighted to announce their part in Kevlar’s® four years injury free performance in the DuPont factory.

The site manager John McCarron and his assistant manager Margaret McBride are responsible for managing the contract in Kevlar®. Their hard work is pivotal in achieving this injury free goal as together they ensure correct protocols are adhered to when dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals and equipment.

This is the fifth year Momentum Support has worked in the DuPont premises based in Londonderry. DuPont operates in 90 countries across the world and serves markets including agriculture, nutrition, electronics, safety and protection and construction.

Kevlar® is perhaps most well-known for its use in bullet-proof & stab vests. The plastic material, strong enough to shield against bullets and knives, is also used in the manufacture of boats and to reinforce tires and brake pads.

The site works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, resulting in staff having to work on all public holidays. Bridghe Grimes, our Northern Ireland Operations Manager, is extremely proud of the team and their dedication to both Momentum and DuPont.

11Mar 2016

In this picture, left to right: Ann Maher (St James’s Hospital), Owen Doherty, Stephen Dunne, Ettie Donavan, Ion Calian, Ioan Orgic and Jean Moriarty (St James’s Hospital).

Momentum Support is delighted to announce its fantastic accomplishment in receiving three awards at the Irish Accommodation Services Institute (IASI) award ceremony earlier this year for its delivery of high standard cleanliness and hygiene.

This is a significant achievement as the three sites chosen and entered into the awards won with outstanding results, reflecting the exceptional dedication and professionalism of all Momentum Support’s teams.

The Gold Standard Award, awarded only to those best in class teams, was presented to the operations team in the Day Surgery Ward in St James’s Hospital. Congratulations to Momentum Support’s supervisor for this area, Ettie Donovan, and her team for their dedication and hard work. Ettie has a fantastic working relationship with both her team and the hospital staff in the Day Surgery Ward.


In this picture, left to right, back row: Cosmin Pascalau, Elzbieta Przekwas, Tomasz Pospiec and Ana Maria Axente. Left to right, front row: Catalin Alexandru, Laura Whelan, Michelle Kavanagh and Noeleen Sheridan (MMUH).

The Carney Unit (Oncology Haematology Day Unit) team in the Mater Hospital also achieved the Gold Standard Award and, in addition, finished as runner up in the Supreme Award which was a fantastic achievement as Momentum Support only acquired this contract in May 2015. Laura Whelan and her team’s hard work and dedication were a major factor in winning these awards.

The South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, Cork was presented with the Silver Standard Award. Congratulations to Paul Whelan, and his team, particularly Barbara, Jacinta and Virginia, who are responsible for cleaning the area audited, the L1S Elective Ward. It was mentioned by the judge that this was an exceptional achievement in itself as the hospital is currently undergoing a challenging refurbishment programme.

In this picture, left to right: Paul Whelan, Barbara Szczeblawska and Jacinta Hosford.

In this picture, left to right: Paul Whelan, Barbara Szczeblawska and Jacinta Hosford.

All the judging was carried out by an IASI judge who visited the three sites and undertook a complete audit including inspection of general condition, appearances of the environment, cleanliness, hand hygiene, waste management and patient equipment.
Momentum Support’s Healthcare Operations Manager, Sinead Grogan, was delighted to see all the teams’ hard work recognised: “I am very proud of the staff and the effort that went into achieving these awards.”

28Sep 2015

Sinead Grogan – Healthcare Operations Manager at Momentum Support.

In May 2015, Sinead Grogan, the Healthcare Operations Manager for Momentum Support oversaw the addition of the Mater Hospital to Momentum’s list of healthcare sites – making Momentum one of the largest suppliers of healthcare cleaning and facility services in Ireland.

Healthcare Operations at Momentum already provided cleaning and ancillary services such as window cleaning, pest control, grounds maintenance and decanting services to a number of major Irish hospitals and healthcare facilities before adding The Mater Hospital Dublin to the roster. Hot on the heels of the contract win at The Mater also came Momentum Support’s recent retention of St. James’s Hospital and the Adelaide and Meath Hospital (AMNCH) – proving once again that Momentum Support have, and will continue, to “deliver on their promises” by retaining these extensive healthcare sites through full public tender process.

Sinead has worked in healthcare for all of her professional life, starting her career cleaning at St. James’s hospital, before becoming Quality Assurance Manger at the hospital and joining Momentum Support in 2012 as site manger. She now heads a team of c. 500 staff, spread over 6 diverse sites. “It’s all about the patient experience” says Sinead “our duty is to deliver a clean hospital at all stages of the patient experience. Without a clean hospital, healthcare simply cannot function”.

The cleaning contract at the Mater Hospital represents an important first in Momentum’s history, as it is the first time the company is responsible for cleaning medical equipment as well the cleaning of all high, medium and low-risk areas. This first builds upon the successful trial Momentum Support are still running at St. James’s Hospital where in two wards, Momentum staff are responsible for cleaning all equipment and elements, many of which before had been the responsibilities of the Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) and nurses. “Traditionally, any particular element, such as a bed for example, could be cleaned by three different teams. The cleaning contractor would clean the frame, the HCA – the mattress, and if there were any bodily fluids involved, this would be cleaned by the nurses/HCA. With the new arrangement – we are responsible for cleaning all aspects of each element, which has freed up HCAs and nurses for other duties and direct patient care”.

The run-up to the switchover at midnight on the 1st of May 2015 was a hectic time, recalls Sinead. “The whole team worked very hard in the weeks before the handover, getting everything from uniforms, machinery and training ready for the big day. We got great support from all across Momentum, irrespective of area. Myself and Laura Whelan, the site manager, were in the hospital for 48 hours straight in the 2 days coming up to the handover. We felt like Santa Claus on the night before Christmas going through the hospital laying out new uniforms and placing the new machinery in readiness for the team the following morning.”

Training has played a huge part in the project, with each of the 140 staff being re-trained onsite at The Mater hospital for minimum disruption. “The training is continuous” says Sinead, “Katarzyna, the training/quality assurance office is doing a great job, and is onsite for ongoing training for the foreseeable future”.

“We have already had one HIQA inspection” says Sinead, “and I don’t let unannounced inspections unsettle the team at all. As I always say, there’s a patient, a visitor and a member of staff coming through the doors every day – so if every day we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, we are ready for any inspection”.

Sinead also headed up the team that won the Gold Standard in Accommodation Awards in 2014 for the H&H Building at St. James’s Hospital. “It’s a really big deal” says Sinead “it’s incredible recognition for Lorna, the site supervisor and her team there as this was the first year we had entered the awards – they do a really fantastic job”.

Outside of work, Sinead calls her children, her “other job”. She loves to read, a lifelong habit she has passed onto her children, and greatly enjoys taking Jasper – the family miniature schnauzer for his daily walks with her partner. She also remarkably finds time for the extremely demanding TRX suspension workout. “It’s exercise at the end of a rope” says Sinead, “it’s great for focus and gives me some me-time”.

“What I love about my job” says Sinead, “is that no two days are the same. In healthcare you literally don’t know what each new day is going to bring.”