Irish Contract Cleaning Association (ICCA)

Momentum Support are founding members of the Irish Contract Cleaning Association(ICCA) which was established in July 2000 and is the principal business Association for the Contract Cleaning Industry in Ireland.

Membership of the ICCA is open to companies involved in the provision of commercial cleaning services in Ireland. The Association represents approximately 75% of the total numbers employed in contract cleaning companies in Ireland.

The main objectives of the Association are:-

  • to represent member companies involved in the provision of cleaning services on a commercial basis in Ireland;
  • to seek status and prestige for the industry and public recognition of the industry’s vital role;
  • to assist the industry in promoting professional training and recruitment in order to raise industry standards;
  • to create a forum for the free exchange of information and experience, and networking opportunities among members through discussion, study, publications and social activities.

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