Health & Safety

health-safety-ppMomentum Support believes that one of its most important functions is the prevention of accidents and ill health.  We do not wish any of our employees or any other person to suffer as the result of our activities or work processes.

To this end, we comply rigorously with all health and safety legislation, Codes of Practice, best guidance and work methods available. We are one of the only Soft Service Providers in Ireland to achieve the requirements of the OHSAS 45001 to which we are certified and independently audited on a twice yearly basis.

 We demonstrate our innovative and forward thinking approach to Health and Safety, by the management of our Health and Safety risks, now and in the future, to ensure the safety of our customers, staff and public. Prior to commencing operation on any site our dedicated Health and Safety Officer will conduct a full risk assessment, identifying any potential to hazards to our staff or customers. 45001Details of this audit along with conclusions and recommendations are communicated to all relevant parties and in particular our staff and management who will work on site.