COVID-19 Response

Given the progression, profile and publicity of the COVID-19 outbreak, Momentum Support would like to take this opportunity to share some of the actions we are taking to ensure we can continue to support all of our customers and staff throughout this period.

Momentum Support have set up a designated COVID-19 working group who are responsible for monitoring the situation, drafting contingencies and providing ongoing guidance and support to all of our staff and key stakeholders.

In line with regulatory guidelines and recommendations, various procedures and protocols continue to be developed to facilitate a range of scenarios to which we can respond, such as resourcing, supplies, specialist cleans and business continuity.

Supporting our people

We will continue to prioritise and support the welfare of our employees through this period of uncertainty.

Regular updates, information and communications are being provided to our employees with regard to how we are supporting their working arrangements, safety and well-being.

If you are a Momentum Support employee and have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 please contact a member of the HSEQ or HR department on +353 (0)1 679 2288.

You can also contact the company Employee Assistance Program Health Assured help line for confidential advice and support, no matter what challenge you may face – ROI: 01886 0324 | UK: 0844 892 2493 Website:

Momentum Support Employee Guidance


Click to download safety Bulletin

Click to download safety Bulletin

Download Employee Guide

Click to download Employee Guide


Responding to sector specific customer challenges

Momentum Support provides outsourced solutions to several sectors including: Healthcare, Transport, Education & Retail and we appreciate that each customer may face different challenges and have differing priorities.

We will continue to monitor developments as they arise and continue to lead the way in providing relevant support to all of our partners, particularly our Healthcare partners, in order to ensure that they can remain functional and maximise the delivery of crucial services to the population.

Contingency plans

Momentum Support business Directors hold contingency plans, specific to their areas of responsibility, which cover pandemics and other disaster scenarios.

In addition to leveraging our supply chains to ensure we have the necessary stocks of equipment, PPE and materials, we have also set up contingency staff pools and Rapid Response teams who are ready to be directed to contracts as required.

Plans are being reviewed on a continual basis by our COVID-19 working group as the situation evolves.

Our approach to cleaning suspected or confirmed cases

As we provide services in many large-scale Healthcare environments we have a team of professionals providing ongoing guidance and updates, as well as additional training, on Specialist Infection Control Cleaning.

In the event of a clean being required after a visit from an infected person, we have cleaning protocols and equipment in place to protect our staff to ensure that your environment is properly sanitised.


PPE, risk assessments and training for suspected case cleaning

If a specialist clean is required due to an infected person visiting your site only appropriately trained and equipped staff will be permitted to carry out Infection Control Cleaning.

  • Staff are equipped with specialist PPE and equipment and materials as recommended by European Centre for Diseases Control (ECDC) and local health services guidelines. More specific safety controls may need to be in place dependent upon the risks on your specific site.
  • Our HSEQ team have developed model risk assessments and will establish site-specific RAMS and protocols for suspected case cleans.
Click here to download Example Office COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Click here to download Example Office COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We continue to keep abreast of the latest health services guidance to ensure we are working in line with best practice.

Some useful links are listed below for further guidance:-


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