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06Jan 2020

Ian Anderson joined Momentum Support in 2010 when Ireland’s economic situation and the Sustainability agenda were in a very different space. Over his almost ten years of service with the company, Ian has seen Momentum Support grow from strength to strength. The company supports public and private sector businesses of all sizes throughout Ireland and the UK with a range of outsourced services (primarily cleaning and security). Momentum Support’s clients are some of the biggest brands in Ireland and the UK, and Ian, who is ultimately accountable for the company’s existing operations and future growth strategies, is the driving force behind an increasingly mature sustainability strategy.  He believes, as a leading employer in the sector, Momentum Support and industry as a whole are uniquely positioned to make a significant contribution and positive impact to sustainability goals.

Three years ago Momentum Support set out to create a cohesive sustainability strategy aligned with business conditions and customer needs. We recently sat down with the company’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Ian Anderson, to discuss progress on their journey and where he sees Momentum Support’s sustainability agenda going in the future.

How has sustainability evolved within your company?

Momentum Support is a people-centred company which means we set out business objectives and then empower our employees to execute those objectives. Historically we would have strong areas of sustainability performance, particularly in terms of community engagement, employee development, and the Environment. Over the past three years though, as we have undergone a period of rapid business growth and continued to recognise the changing landscape in which we operate, we have increased our investment, developed our infrastructure and matured our strategy. This was necessary to create consistency in an increasingly complex business and to focus our priorities. Working with Business in the Community has provided us with additional expertise to help us focus our priorities around the structure of the five CSR pillars which are now deeply embedded in all activities as business as usual. We have been working really-hard to ensure we are consistently improving communications, maximising learning opportunities and executing our strategy effectively, hence we have established a CSR Division and dedicated CSR Lead who is now a member of my Senior Leadership Team. We have used our strategic approach not only to increase our awareness and delivery of sustainability initiatives but also to facilitate increased employee engagement through facilitating and encouraging participation in a wide range of working groups and forums.

Sustainability has many key challenges and issues, what are the ones personally important to you?

I think when we talk about sustainability most people think of environmental initiatives like climate change, energy or biodiversity. People and society though are equally important to me personally, especially when it comes to inclusion, poverty and employment. Through the journey we have been on so far and the learning that has been attained, I have been amazed at how much scope there is to make a difference through our employability programmes and by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed.  I find having an opportunity to drive and support such initiatives that can improve peoples’ lives very rewarding and exceptionally gratifying. I have been amazed at how much scope there is to make a difference and in so many ways.  Sometimes the simplest of activities that don’t necessarily even have a cost associated with them can make a critical difference in someone’s life.

What do you think the role of business is in driving the sustainability agenda?

In short, I think the role business plays in driving the sustainability agenda is massive and highly influential. The impact business can make however is still very much underestimated. As I mentioned before, Momentum Support has always been involved in sustainability activities however they were pretty much informal and not necessarily quantified particularly well. When we decided that Social Value would be a key theme within our overarching business strategy, one of the objectives that we set was on quantifying our contributions to the different sustainability goals. Quantifying our contribution has allowed me to present a more meaningful message to employees, demonstrating to them the bigger picture contributions they are making.  This in turn gives employees the information they need to support customer conversations which creates a ripple effect, influencing customer sustainability goals and activities. Our contributions are also amplified by collective action campaigns like the Business Impact Map. Through businesses taking a key lead in driving and supporting sustainability initiatives, the audience they reach, not only from a participation perspective but also from a learning and awareness perspective is absolutely huge and extremely influential to the process.

What is your biggest accomplishment or learning so far?

When it comes to sustainability, I think my biggest accomplishment has been acknowledging the impact that Momentum Support can make and having the courage to invest in our CSR Division to ensure we maximise our contributions. In terms of learning, there are so many things I have learnt along the journey and in particular that the smallest contribution can make such a difference to someone’s circumstances. On a specific point however, when it comes to individuals, I have really learnt how “stigma” can be such a hurdle for some people to overcome, particularly when it comes to employment. Whether it is in relation to something unfortunate that has happened in the past, through disability, health issues, personal circumstances or even through academia there is still so much ignorance and lack of understanding around how we can help individuals overcome these hurdles.

What is your Motto in life?

Two simple words: Nurture Adaptability. We live in an ever-changing world. Life presents so many challenges in our work and personal lives. Nurturing adaptability means cultivating a personal capacity for resilience that makes it easier to withstand life’s challenges. Mindful awareness and a daily practice Of Act or Accept helps me remain focused and continually overcome challenges. Together with having experienced a strong sense of purpose and achievement this provides for a real feel good factor.

29Nov 2019

Momentum Support are delighted to announce that on Saturday 19th October 2019 Momentum Support received the award for the Socially Conscious Business of the Year 2019 at the BITA Awards.

bitaSpeaking on behalf of the team, Ian Anderson said “This Awards is dedicated to our owner Colin Maybin for providing us with such a solid platform to continually grow and develop all the social and community work that we do”.

All entries were anonymised, so the independent judges weren’t aware who they were voting for. Their decisions were based purely on the strength of Momentum Support’s submissions.

bita2“As the winner of the Socially Conscious Business Award, Momentum Support was judged to be the stand-out entrant,” said Laura Watkins in a congratulations letter to the company, “As a company that keeps the needs of the community in mind, keeping locals and community at the heart of what you do.”

Thank you to everybody who supports our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Mission Right Let’s make the Right Choice, as we become a more responsible and sustainable business.

23Sep 2019

To Hellfire & Back 4k

Charity Walk

A sponsored 4km walk will take place around the Hellfire Club to mark World Alzheimer’s Day next Saturday, 21st September, starting at 9.45am (from the Hellfire Club carpark).

The walk is organised by Bloomfield Mental Health Services in Rathfarnham to help raise funds for the benefit of mental health residents and patients.

Founded over 200 years ago, Bloomfield is a registered mental health charity in south County Dublin providing specialist treatment and care for a range of serious and enduring conditions including Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s Disease. It is also the only organisation in Ireland providing in-patient treatment and care for individuals with Huntington’s Disease (HD) – one of the most devastating neurological conditions known to man.

hell-fire-back-4k“So many of our residents require wheelchairs to get around,” said Brendan Phelan, Head of Communications at Bloomfield, “and this walk, marking World Alzheimer’s Day, will help raise funds for wheelchair-accessible transport and to improve the general quality of life for patients and residents.”

Those interested in helping can register for the walk, donate and/or find more information on www.bloomfield.ie or can contact Bloomfield Mental Health Services on (01) 495 0021.

02Sep 2019

We’re excited to announce our participation in Soccer Palooza on World Mental Health Day, September 14th 2019. Taking place inside the Santry Soccer dome, it’s a family-friendly festival that features a 6-a-side soccer tournament with teams representing companies from all 32 counties of Ireland.

Whether you’d like to represent Momentum on the pitch, sponsor our team, donate to the cause (DONATE HERE), or just enjoy a relaxing day out that both adults and kids will appreciate, we’d love to see you there.


Suicide is one of the top twenty causes of death in the world. World Suicide Prevention Day aims to bring awareness to the genetic, psychological, social and cultural risk factors that contribute to suicides and help people work together to prevent suicides in their communities. Soccer Palooza is organised in conjunction with Suicide or Survive an Irish organisation aimed at expanding suicided awareness and funding recovery services for people who have been affected by suicide.


If you’d like to carry us to victory with your skills or just cheer the team on, please contact your line manager. The team sponsors are Zach Corbett and Niall Partridge.


If you’d like to donate to Soccer Palooza – you can…


17Jun 2019

Trevor Keith – competing in Ironman Sunday 23 June 2019

Momentum Support’s own Trevor Keith – site manager at Bombardier Belfast – is competing in the IRONMAN CORK on the 23rd June 2019.

ironman-01The Ironman is the hardest one-day endurance race in the world, covering a staggering 140 miles from start to finish. Athletes begin with a 2.4-mile swim – followed by an 11-mile bike race, topped off with a regular marathon run of 26.2 miles.

For the Cork Ironman, athletes will start with a 2.4-mile, 2-lap swim, starting from Claycastle beach in Youghal Bay. They’ll then take to the scenic roads of County Cork for two laps of a 112-mile course that includes Middleton, home to the Jameson Distillery, and breathtaking views over Youghal Bay, Ballycotton Island and Cork Harbour. The final marathon takes racers back to Youghal where they’ll cross the finish line in Market Square.

ironman-02“It has been a real physical challenge for me training 6 days a week for the last 7 months,” Trevor says. “My personal target is to complete the race in and around 13 or 14 hours in all 3 disciplines.”

Trevor is running in support of PIPS, a Belfast Registered charity (number 104726) established in 2003 following the suicides of 14 young people under the age of 18 in an area of North Belfast. As a community-based organisation, they offer a care team service and family support for those bereaved by suicide.

100% of the money Trevor raises will go to PIPS. To donate, visit: 

>>>>>>DONATE HERE<<<<<<<